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The non-existent cycling culture in Sydney?

A bunch of Dutchies participating in Sydney’s cycling event (photo taken from @SydneyCycleways Twitter)

If there is one thing that I miss most about my life abroad, that will be cycling. Unfortunately, without sufficient infrastructure as well as the urban sprawl across the city, Sydney’s cycling culture does not really flourish like their European counterparts. Despite cycling is not a popular commuting option around the city, a recent report shows that the number of cyclists in Sydney has doubled since 2010, and this number is expected to grow continuously in the next few years. To take advantage of this trend, the City of Sydney has done further promotions on their annual cycling event Sydney Ride Festival from 11th October to 25th October, which gives the opportunity to meet and greet other cyclists in the city (or probably for the Dutchies above, they were there to show how cycling should really be done).

Cycling path on ANZAC Bridge

Cycling is certainly an interesting and environmentally friendly way to explore the city. With separate bike lanes installed around some areas of Sydney CBD and beyond, safely commuting around the downtown area using bikes has become possible. One of the cycling paths that I will recommend will be the 2.6km route over Sydney Harbour Bridge and ANZAC Bridge. Starting from the North Shore, you will be able to see the beautiful coastlines as well as enjoy the famous landmarks of city, then go through the buzzing city and be surrounded by skyscrapers and designer’s shops, then finally arriving at Pyrmont and you can look across the greens at Glebe’s Bicentennial Park. Another spot that I will recommend for cycling will be Sydney Olympic Park, which is easily accessible by both public transport and cars. With three different trails cover more than 10km, it is suitable for both families and professional cyclists.

Just a warm reminder, here are some rules to follow when you are cycling:

  • Wear a helmet at anytime
  • Overtake on the left hand side of the road
  • Install a bell or a horn in order to warn other pedestrians or cyclists on the road
  • Get a bike with a working brake!
  • Always follow the traffic lights

Now, you are pretty much set for the rest of the day.


5 Alternative Ways to #CatchUpWithSydney

Sydney wanderlusts, it has been a few weeks, so how did you all hold up after the long holidays? Still feeling awful?

Through out the last few weeks, we acted as tour guides and showed you some of the interesting locations in the city to explore. Apart from our Catch Up With Sydney’s #1 rule of being a tourist at home, are you wondering what else you can do to deal with the trauma of post-travel blues? Here are some tips to help you ease your mind:

#1 Exercise, Exercise, Exercise.

Exercise at least three times a week. Remember the time when your high school PE teacher stressed the importance of performing some sort of physical activities? He did not just say this out of nowhere because research shows that “happy hormones” endorphins are produced during the process, which eventually gives off a feeling of happiness. So take some time out after work, it’s time to get your joggers on!

#2 Talk to a random stranger


You have lived in this travelling bubble and met some of the friendliest and open-minded people at different hostels and bars, and then you just realise you have been thrown right back to this city where no one even bothers to give you a smile. But why not spread a bit of your love to the surroundings and talk to the girl sitting next to you on the bus? A greeting as simple as “how are you today” could already make someone’s day.

#3 Join a conversation group 

One thing I definitely missed about travelling or living abroad is that I got the chance to learn and speak a new language, so joining a local conversation group is definitely a way to keep your foreign tongue rolling. Both universities and independent associations have organised language activities, so that you can get paired up with a native speaker and start catching up on your French, German, or whatever language you are currently picking up!

Websites for language exchange: www.mylanguageexchange.com/www.conversationexchange.com/

#4 Search for your favourite food from the trip

We all know everyone loves good food, so what is better than getting your favourite food to cheer yourself up? In a food paradise like Sydney, the city has all kinds of cuisines covered, from Italian to Mexican.

#5 Appreciate your surroundings

Sometimes we just forget how fortunate we actually are. While going to an overseas adventure is definitely an amazing experience, we can also think about the things we miss about home. Just like having your family around, lying on a comfy bed and finally being able to get back to the gym. Isn’t it great to be home?