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EDM scene in Sydney

Apparently ‘Sydney’ and ‘Raving’ will never go into the same sentence, especially for the wanderlusts who have experienced the party life abroad. With strict curfews and lockout rules imposed, as well as the lack of variety of music choices in mainstream clubs, the club-goers in Sydney always complain about how ‘boring’ the nightlife in this city is, and how they are already so ‘over’ with the Cross.

But today, I have a great news for for all the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) lovers out there. Although the EDM scene in Sydney may be different from what you have encountered in Berlin and Amsterdam, there are still several indie and underground clubs/bars in town where you can get quality music and dance the night away. Both local and international artists are invited to these venues to give their performances.

While you can dine and wine during daytime at Spice Cellar, it is transformed into a disco hotspot that draws a diverse and easygoing crowd of partygoers at night. Despite the strict rules imposed by the government, at here you are more than welcome to party until the sun rises, and it is completely normal for these clubbers to leave at 8am in the morning. With the low ceiling as well as the blue lights glowing on the wall, they try to reduplicate the European underground raving atmosphere to Sydney. In the following weeks, the Spice Cellar crew will bring the famous Berghain resident Santé straight from Berlin, and you can expect him to play some bouncing techno tunes throughout the night.

Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/376328065863934/

Picture of partygoers and DJs at Club 77 during Boiler Room Sydney event (source: http://www.pagesdigital.com/gallery/music/boiler-room-sydney-at-club-77/)

With music ranges from dubstep to deep house, Club 77 at Kings Cross is a popular party location for the Sydney youngsters. Apart from the usual hipsters and art lovers, the club also starts to attract a bunch of mainstream partygoers who are there to enjoy the mix genre of music. In fact, back in March this year, the international underground music organisation Boiler Room has also chosen this venue for its Sydney leg.