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Sydney through the eyes of (amateur) photographers

Only when you slow down and appreciate your surroundings, you will then discover the beauty of Sydney. Yes, this is our home.

Check out how photographer Eric Kim found his own fun in Sydney with his iPad, maybe you can also try to spread the laughters to people around you!


EDM scene in Sydney

Apparently ‘Sydney’ and ‘Raving’ will never go into the same sentence, especially for the wanderlusts who have experienced the party life abroad. With strict curfews and lockout rules imposed, as well as the lack of variety of music choices in mainstream clubs, the club-goers in Sydney always complain about how ‘boring’ the nightlife in this city is, and how they are already so ‘over’ with the Cross.

But today, I have a great news for for all the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) lovers out there. Although the EDM scene in Sydney may be different from what you have encountered in Berlin and Amsterdam, there are still several indie and underground clubs/bars in town where you can get quality music and dance the night away. Both local and international artists are invited to these venues to give their performances.

While you can dine and wine during daytime at Spice Cellar, it is transformed into a disco hotspot that draws a diverse and easygoing crowd of partygoers at night. Despite the strict rules imposed by the government, at here you are more than welcome to party until the sun rises, and it is completely normal for these clubbers to leave at 8am in the morning. With the low ceiling as well as the blue lights glowing on the wall, they try to reduplicate the European underground raving atmosphere to Sydney. In the following weeks, the Spice Cellar crew will bring the famous Berghain resident Santé straight from Berlin, and you can expect him to play some bouncing techno tunes throughout the night.

Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/376328065863934/

Picture of partygoers and DJs at Club 77 during Boiler Room Sydney event (source: http://www.pagesdigital.com/gallery/music/boiler-room-sydney-at-club-77/)

With music ranges from dubstep to deep house, Club 77 at Kings Cross is a popular party location for the Sydney youngsters. Apart from the usual hipsters and art lovers, the club also starts to attract a bunch of mainstream partygoers who are there to enjoy the mix genre of music. In fact, back in March this year, the international underground music organisation Boiler Room has also chosen this venue for its Sydney leg.

The non-existent cycling culture in Sydney?

A bunch of Dutchies participating in Sydney’s cycling event (photo taken from @SydneyCycleways Twitter)

If there is one thing that I miss most about my life abroad, that will be cycling. Unfortunately, without sufficient infrastructure as well as the urban sprawl across the city, Sydney’s cycling culture does not really flourish like their European counterparts. Despite cycling is not a popular commuting option around the city, a recent report shows that the number of cyclists in Sydney has doubled since 2010, and this number is expected to grow continuously in the next few years. To take advantage of this trend, the City of Sydney has done further promotions on their annual cycling event Sydney Ride Festival from 11th October to 25th October, which gives the opportunity to meet and greet other cyclists in the city (or probably for the Dutchies above, they were there to show how cycling should really be done).

Cycling path on ANZAC Bridge

Cycling is certainly an interesting and environmentally friendly way to explore the city. With separate bike lanes installed around some areas of Sydney CBD and beyond, safely commuting around the downtown area using bikes has become possible. One of the cycling paths that I will recommend will be the 2.6km route over Sydney Harbour Bridge and ANZAC Bridge. Starting from the North Shore, you will be able to see the beautiful coastlines as well as enjoy the famous landmarks of city, then go through the buzzing city and be surrounded by skyscrapers and designer’s shops, then finally arriving at Pyrmont and you can look across the greens at Glebe’s Bicentennial Park. Another spot that I will recommend for cycling will be Sydney Olympic Park, which is easily accessible by both public transport and cars. With three different trails cover more than 10km, it is suitable for both families and professional cyclists.

Just a warm reminder, here are some rules to follow when you are cycling:

  • Wear a helmet at anytime
  • Overtake on the left hand side of the road
  • Install a bell or a horn in order to warn other pedestrians or cyclists on the road
  • Get a bike with a working brake!
  • Always follow the traffic lights

Now, you are pretty much set for the rest of the day.

Plane Spotting – Sydney Style

Bounded by some of the most amazing coastlines in the world, Sydney-siders are definitely spoiled with choices when it comes to sunshine and beaches, as they are literally everywhere within the city (and when I say literally, I really mean it). Just a stone’s throw away from the airport, Brighton-Le-Sands Beach is the perfect spot for you to lay flat on a beach chair while observe aeroplanes flying right above you at the same time. As an experienced wanderlust, I’m sure you all have come across the aerial view of the beach when the plane flew across the city.

For both aviation lovers and photographers alike, Brighton-Le-Sands Beach is definitely some the favourite locations for plane spotting in Sydney. Named after the coastal city in the United Kingdom, Brighton-Le-Sands Beach is famous for its baths and it is a very family-friendly location. As the beach is right opposite to the runways, you can easily see flights taking off and arriving from a very close distance. The best time for plane spotting at the beach will be between afternoon and the evening.

An Airbus A380 from Singapore Airlines preparing for takeoff, taken at Brighton-Le-Sands Beach. 

An Airbus A380 from Emirates Airlines arriving at Sydney Airport in the evening, taken at Brighton-Le-Sands Beach. 

Although the observation deck at Sydney Airport is closed recently, there are still plenty of other locations for you to spot the planes. For more information, you can visit this website: http://www.sydneyairport.com.au/corporate/community-environment-and-planning/community/plane-spotters.aspx

After all, even if you may not be able to board on a plane and go somewhere else yet, you can always look at one in the skies.

One Final Night in Europe

Thanks to our friend Andrew Z. from Displays of Emotions! He has sent in a story on his bizarre yet exciting adventure across Europe, but he knows nothing can compare to his one and only home – Sydney. Yes, even as men, we should express our feelings in an unreserved manner.

WordPress: https://displaysofemotion.wordpress.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DisplaysOfEmotion

10726456_10152466130925875_508077044_n (1)

A photo of Andrew and his mates under the Eiffel Tower.

When we got off the train, the air was soothing, more like spring than summer. The station was modern and bustling, but nothing stood out as familiar as of yet. The light was a muddled sheer golden with the looming clouds intruding the rays of sun. We stepped outside the train station to hail a taxi. Even in the fissures of sunlight, the architecture that lined the streets popped into gleaming sculptural shapes of grandeur. “Welcome,” we told ourselves in pure disbelief “to the city of lights and romance ­– Paris.”

We had come to Paris, with the sun slowly setting in an economy-class Eurostar train that travelled at speeds that were dizzying at ground-level. That was at the end of a week stay in London, where a girl I had met stole my heart – whose [inner] beauty is unlike any other – and lingered in my every thought. Not only did Europe have me under its whimsical charm, but so did this breathtaking girl whom I was missing. As Martin Buber says “all journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware”; she was my unsuspecting destination. A destination that shone brighter than all the cities we visited across Europe.

Finally we hailed a taxi. The stereotypes of aggressive European drivers are true for the most part. The driver whizzed through the disorganised chaos of traffic, gesturing rudely at other drivers every few moment, whether right or wrong. As we clung onto dear life, the city grew into life. Everything was soft, the cobblestones in the street shone like stain, the edges of the aging architecture were rounded and worn, the lamplights aged and almost romantic. There was no immediate correlation to Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, but nonetheless the beauty of Paris was something of its own.

On our first full day in Paris, the sky was a deep, cloudless blue. But in spite of the flawless weather, our bodies were weak…products of the extreme partying across Europe. Despite this, we fit in every French activity that was possible to cram into a single full day. We consumed delicate escargots to flavoursome macaroons. Walked and shopped the Champs-Élysées under the summer sun. Climbed the Arc de Triomphe, where the view encompasses all of Paris, the skyline littered with famous landmarks: the Eiffel tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre Pyramid. The orange tinge of a concluding day nestled behind the elegance of the Eiffel Tower, as we lay sprawled on the grass staring in bliss.

It seemed impossible to us, that we could have ever felt such happiness in a place so foreign to us all. When reminiscing the events of the past month beneath Paris’ most iconic structure [and celebrating our friends birthday], it was to the equally joyful sounds of our laughter. On our last morning, we were enwrapped in love: with Paris, with Europe, with my small travelling family and with our adventure. As I sipped my last Parisian coffee in the allure of the city before boarding a train to the airport, I thought about everything I’d be missing once we leave Europe. I knew I’d be back soon, but there was something I missed more than Europe. A revered place where the sun always shines, the ocean breeze flows, the birds tweet and chirp, the city lights dance upon the harbour water, passer-by’s nod and smile. “Home”, I smiled to myself.

Time Lapse Sydney

Whenever someone talks about Sydney, the word ‘beautiful’ always goes in the same sentence. It is not just the tourists who said that, even CNN and the Cosmopolitan Magazine did the same thing.

Still not convinced? Here are several amazing time-lapse videos submitted by Youtubers, showing the beauty of Sydney from day to night.

This video from World Travel Cruise is mainly taken at Sydney CBD, where you will see the city’s skyline from various angles. If you have had enough of daytime CBD, you can start watching the video from 2:20. How can you not appreciate the sunset when you look at all these colours in the sky?

In last blog post I have walked you through the nudist beach at La Perouse, so let’s watch this video produced by WildScene Photography and discover the other parts of this lovely suburb.

I know not all of you have completely #CatchUpWithSydney, so why not take a look at this time-lapse video taken at Sydney Airport? For one second, maybe you can imagine yourself flying on that plane and going to somewhere else.

A bit of German in Sydney – Aussie Oktoberfest

Without a doubt, Aussie travellers are well-known as some of the biggest drinkers abroad. When you are travelling overseas, it is not surprising to find a bunch of Aussies downing many jars of beers at a German pub, or drinking cocktails from a large bucket on the Greek Islands. Indeed, alcohol is an universal language that is even more widely understood than English. Therefore, even though Munich is more than 10,000 miles away from Sydney, there is no stopping for the Aussies to celebrate the Oktoberfest, especially when it is a festival that encourages participants to drink as much German beers as they want. They have appropriated the festivities into an Australian context, so now you can drink like ze Germans!

Celebrating Oktoberfest at the Bavarian Bier Café is a no-brainer. As one of the premier German-themed restaurant chains in Sydney, the restaurant will organise a range of activities throughout October in order to celebrate the festival, such as Stein Hoist & Hold Challenge on Wednesdays and Stein Race on Thursday, in which the winner will get a $50 bar tab. Apart from that, discounts on German beers and pork knuckles will also be promoted during the whole month. Get ready to indulge yourself with some great German delicacies, and some quality booze, whether it is blonde or dark.

For more information, you can visit this website: http://oktoberfest.com.au/events/

After the successful cruise party hosted by Sollarium Entertainment from last year, they have decided to throw the party at the prestigious club Ivy for this year’s Oktoberfest on 15th October! Co-organised by several student associates of the main universities in Sydney, it will be one of the largest student parties of the year. You may not be able to see weird-looking water slides or crazy roller coaster rides at the party, but please do expect loads of cheap booze and bouncing beats blasting for the entire night. And of course, get prepared to be surrounded by lots of sex hormones.

Event page: http://www.moshtix.com.au/v2/event/oktoberfest-2014/72422

Yes, this is what you will see at UNSW Oktoberfest. While the party was cancelled last year, the student association ARC has decided to make a comeback at the Roundhouse, and the celebrations are extended to four days from 13th to 16th October. Apart from enjoying Wiener schnitzels and Frankfurt sausages, Hot Dub Time Machine will also make his appearance on the last day of the event and he will play tunes from the last 50 years. And the good news is, both ARC members and UNSW students will enjoy a discount on the entry fee!

Event page: http://www.unswroundhouse.com/event.aspx?id=267