T-Town in Sydney

There is one thing about Sydneysiders is that they are well-known for their cravings for basil, Pad Thai noodles and green chicken curry, so I could imagine that pain you have been through in Europe after walking past more than 20 kebab shops but still could not spot an authentic Thai restaurant. Even if you finally managed to find one, you decided to turn away after looking at the menu prices because you would rather save that money on a Ryanair return ticket to Barcelona.

Well, not anymore. In a metropolitan hub like Sydney, you are never short of delicious yet reasonably priced food. Looking for Thai food? Simply head down to Thai Town located on Campbell Street, right next to Chinatown. Officially recognised as the second Thai Town in the world after Los Angeles, you can easily find a range of Thai restaurants and grocery stores in the area.

Of course we have all lined up outside Chat Thai for their famous sticky rice and mango, but what about other restaurants? Go check out Rim Tanon (formerly known as Chilli Cha Cha) in Haymarket where you can purchase most of the main courses for less than $10.

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My favourite dish from the restaurant would be C.B.C.P Fried Rice ($10) – flavourful fried rice with thai chilli and basil sided with crispy pork. It tastes even better with a sunny side egg, which you will only have to pay for an extra $2. Remember to ask for some fish sauce and chilli flakes as well because they go really well with the Thai spices in the rice too. Great and cheap food, funky decor and friendly staff, it is a no-brainer that the restaurant holds an overwhelming rating of 85% on UrbanSpoon.

Address: Haymarket, 40 Campbell St, Sydney, NSW 2000

Reviews on UrbanSpoon: http://urbns.pn/6bl5

thainatown-thai-restaurant-sydney 074

Fancy some Thai desserts after having a big feast? You can go to a grocery shop called Rung Puang, which is also around the corner but closer to Central station. Once you get through the tiny door and enter this sandstone building, you will find all sorts of Thai desserts such as pandan cakes, pumpkin desserts and sweets of different colours. To end this exotic adventure in town, buy yourself some traditional (instant) Thai coffee so that you can sit on a sofa and enjoy a cuppa at home.

Address: 461 Pitt street, Haymarket, NSW 2000




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