So Berlin-like: Street Art in Newtown

Sydney wanderlusts, let me start this blog post by asking two questions:

1. Can you name three street art capitals of the world? You will probably say Berlin, London, and our Aussie representative Melbourne right?

2. What comes up on your mind when it comes to Sydney? Without a doubt, even for a Sydneysider who has resided in the city for a long period of time, you will just instantly think about the famous postcard attractions – Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbour, Harbour Bridge, and the list goes on.

Apparently, the connection between street art and Sydney is minimal, especially when the city council has a notorious reputation for blindly removing the creative work on the streets. However, if you go a little further West in Newtown, you will find some of the most colourful hidden gems in the city. You might even get a deja vu feeling as you stroll around the back alleys and look at the graffiti on the walls, which easily covers a multi-storey building. Indeed, the street art scene in this suburb is just as vibrant as its European counterparts. Some of the well-known artists, such as Fintan Magee and Jason Moses, have also contributed their work in this part of Sydney.

Most of the artwork is concentrated in the following areas of Newtown:

  • Kings Street
  • Enmore North
  • Trafalgar Street
  • Camperdown Memorial Rest Park

“I have a dream” mural is one of the most famous artwork on Kings Street, created by Andrew Aiken and Juilee Pryor in 1991, which has used the slogan from Martin Luther King Jr to advocate for Aboriginal civil rights. Although it is illegally painted by the two artists, it is one of the few artwork that has been preserved by the city council.

A paste-up found at Whateley Lane near Kings Street, a politically proactive parody artwork of the Australian PM Tony Abbott.

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 11.17.41 pm

The “Africa” mural painted in the 1990s, near Newtown Mission.

Apart from its unique artwork, you will also find a range of vintage shops, small cafes, hip bars and antique shops in Newtown. Along with the various cultural happenings around the area, that pretty much sums up the definition of a hipster’s heaven.

To see more artwork in Newtown, you can visit this website:



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