Coping with post-holiday blues: maintaining wanderlust


What makes up the post-travel blues? (source:

The struggle is real. Getting a bombardment of never-ending list of work tasks and catching up on the messages you have missed during your dream holiday, all you could do is looking out the window and dreaming about the next travelling destination. You might have enjoyed the luxury of eating exotic dishes and visiting different places, but your friends start to get annoyed when you whine about the frustration of being stuck at home after your overseas experience. No one understands you, and you feel like a stranger at home. The only thing you are able to do is to hide your feelings in your heart, and it simply sucks.

The great news is you are not a psycho. It’s confirmed that post-holiday blues is a mental symptom that has been experienced by travellers after spending a substantial amount of time abroad. This claim is supported by a tourism research study conducted in the Netherlands, as it shows that the level of happiness will drop significantly after the holiday. Don’t panic, it is completely normal to experience these feelings after returning home.


Another great news is that this problem can be solved by being a traveller at home so that you can #CatchUpWithSydney. Rose Mulready, a famous editor from Lonely Planet, suggests that one of the best ways is to maintain wanderlust at home because the whole city is your backyard. Even if you have lived in Sydney for your entire life, there are still so many places out there for you to explore. Try to spot a Paris-style cafe, or get a big breakfast at a traditional English pub, because adopting your overseas mentality into daily routines can also make the city adventure more interesting and exciting. You will be amazed at how many fantastic locations you can easily reach within an hour or two.

As simple as that, you can keep your curiosity alive and be a proud Sydneysider once again. Phew.



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