#CatchUpWithSydney: What, Why, How?

(Image Source: http://www.grapesandgrainsnyc.com)

Strong dollar, cheap airfares and a desire to seek thrills – these are some of the reasons why more and more young Australians choose to travel or study abroad and go on an adventure of their lifetime. After landed on the other side of the world, these young travellers become exposed to foreign cultures, start pretending to speak a new language fluently, party hard without the restrictions of curfews and lockouts, and more importantly gain lifelong friendships during the time of their journey. Sadly, this amazing experience will come to an end and they simply find themselves stuck in square one afterwards.

Does this sound like something you are going through at the moment? With ten out of ten Aussie travellers experienced nostalgia and trauma after returning home from a relaxing trip abroad, this is an alarming figure that reveals the number of travellers suffered from post-holiday blues, yet it has not been addressed by any public bodies or authorities. The symptoms such as detachment from reality and confusion over future goals are often unnoticed due to the nature of this problem. Without an appropriate platform to express their feelings, this could interrupt daily life and it could even be detrimental to their mental health.

Therefore, along with the use of Facebook and Twitter, the urban project #CatchUpWithSydney is launched to raise awareness about this issue and help wanderlusts in Sydney who have just returned home rediscover all the fun things happening in the city. By providing tips on how to cope with these negative feelings, as well as introducing all the interesting spots and activities in Sydney, it aims to help these travellers to see their home from a fresh perspective, while continue to engage in the act of exploring new and exciting places to visit.

Don’t worry, picking up your #SydneysiderPride again is only a matter of time. We will eventually get there.





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